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WATCHES: No device that is used for a watch, i.e. Apple Watch, FitBit, etc. are not allowed during dance class.

DRESS CODE: Leotards, briefs, leggings, dance shorts, tights/socks are permissible. NO SWEAT PANTS OR CUT OFFS ARE ALLOWED!! The

instructor must be able to see legs, arms and mid section. Remember, if you don't LOOK like a dancer, you won't dance or FEEL like one.  

DANCE BAGAll students will be required to have a dance bag to contain all of their shoes, etc and THIS BAG SHOULD contain dance shoes, hair elastics and knee high tights.  Please do not make this bag a universal bag for all their activities, this should be solely for dance.  Bags do not have to be purchased from the studio but there will be ones available for purchase at the open house and throughout the year.


GUM AND CANDY: No gum chewing will be allowed in the classroom. Please do not send your child to class with gum or hard candy. Besides being dangerous, this is very distracting in class.

JEWELRY: Please do not send your dancer with jewelry/head pieces that are easily removable as dancers often take them on and off and it is very distracting in class.


ARRIVALDue to the ever changing COVID pandemic, dancers may not be early for class.  IT WILL BE IMPORTANT THAT DANCERS COME READY AND DRESSED FOR CLASS, THIS INCLUDES GOING TO THE BATHROOM PRIOR.  Bathroom access will be monitored and tried to be limited to ensure the most sanitary conditions for all.  EVERYONE must stay in their cars until Kris or company comes out to let you know that the studio has been sanitized following the previous class session BEFORE allowing the next class to come in. PARENTS ARE NOT ALLOWED IN the building, to control the amount of traffic and safety of the dancers.  If you need to contact Kris, please send a text message. When dancers arrive, they will have their temperatures checked to ensure none of them have a fever and if so, parents will be contacted to come back to pick up their sick child.....DO NOT SEND YOUR SICK CHILD TO DANCE! Dancers will have designated areas for their shoe changes/dance bags.  Facemasks will be required for NON VACCINATED dancers. This may change as the year continues, depending on the virus.  If you have any concerns, please contact Kris. 

DEPARTURE: All dancers will exit the rear studio door on to the patio and around to the front parking area (sidewalk next to the man cave building).  This is to allow one way traffic into and out of the studio. It is IMPORTANT to arrive on time so dancers are not left alone in the parking lot.

SHOES: All shoes must have names written or taped on the inside or under the heel. It is impossible to keep track of all the shoes when there is no name visible. Also, marking the labels on clothing and coats is recommended. Always check the LOST AND FOUND for items your child may have left at the studio. This seems to be an issue every year.  If shoes are not labeled and come up missing/lost, the family is responsible for purchasing replacement.

COSTUMING: TBD determined based upon how this dance year progresses/COVID19 

TUITION: Tuition is due by the end of the second week of every month beginning in October through April, May tuition will be prorated and added to your April bill.  Past due accounts WILL NOT BE TOLERATED and all balances must be paid IN FULL MONTHLY. REMINDER dates will be posted on the PRIVATE FACEBOOK PAGE. You will have a one week grace period for all payments due, at which time a $5.00 late fee will be added to unpaid accounts. All returned checks are subject to a $35.00 return fee. You may MAIL TUITION, USE THE DROP BOX OUTSIDE THE DANCE DOOR, OR VENMO ME. DROP BOX located to the LEFT of the dance door.  Many families set up automatic payments with their financial institution to help alleviate having to remember tuition payments.

***A $25 registration fee is required PER CHILD, each year to pre-register.

WEATHER-SICKNESS: Classes cancelled due to inclement weather MAY OR MAY NOT BE MADE UP. My personal illness, OR IF I GO VISIT MY KIDS, WILL BE made up at a future date, preferably in the early spring. Full tuition is still due for all MONTHS. Please check KIMT TV and KIMTs website after 3:30 for class cancellations due to the weather. If Mason City Schools cancel or release early FOR ONLY WEATHER RELATED, then lessons will be cancelled as well. MOST IMPORTANTLY, IF YOU ARE NOT SURE, REVIEW THE DANCE UNLIMITED PAGE FOR POSTINGS BY 3:30PM. If you don't have Facebook, VIEW KIMT TV and/OR the KIMT website.


DANCEWEAR: Dance Unlimited T's, sweats, shorts, warm-ups and BLINGY CRYSTAL DANCEWEAR and many other items are available at the studio for purchase (see Dancewear and Gear page).

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